LOW DOSE Debut Self Titled LP Set To Release March 29th

KNIFE HITS is super stoked to announce it’s first full cross format release in years; the LOW DOSE debut self titled LP. Featuring all three members of the now defunct KNIFE HITS alumni FIGHT AMP and vocalist / guitarist Itarya Rosenberg of LEGENDARY DIVORCE, LOW DOSE play heavy, grunge-tinged punk that is as visceral as it is infectious. Across their 35 minute, self-titled debut LP, the quartet bleed out ten emotionally fierce tracks, which deliver a loud/quiet/loud canvas for Rosenberg’s lyrics to lay bare the heartbreak and raw nerves of a broken relationship amidst rumbling bass, screeching guitar tones and dynamic drums that together signal the end of the world. LOW DOSE will surely hit all the right notes for those who enjoy the more melodic side of noise rock —especially fans of Metz, Uwound, Slint and early PJ Harvey.

You can pre-order the album via KNIFEHITS right HERE!!!

Brutal Panda Records will be splitting the release with yours truly and is handling all of your modern digital needs.

Mike McGinnis